2 week

of fully paid primary parental
leave offered for US associates

2 week

was the average number of fully paid
for US associates that returned from primary parental leave

2 week

of fully paid secondary
parental leave for US associates

2 week

was the average number of fully paid
for US associates that returned from secondary parental leave

we provide access to on-site lactation rooms

The workforce receive adoption assistance through Grupo Bimbo and/or government support¹

The workforce receive insurance coverage for fertility services through Grupo Bimbo and/or government support

Global workforce receives insurance coverage for egg- freezing²

The workforce receive insurance coverage for contraception through Grupo Bimbo and/or government support³

  1. Mexico. Fertility support is not provided by the company, but in some cases by the government.
  2. Mexico. Eggfreezing support is not provided by the company nor by the government, except for those countries where this support is available by the social security.
  3. Mexico. Contraception is not covered by any private health insurance. Government offers several programs.

Scope of Grupo Bimbo Well-being Programs

At Grupo Bimbo, we value the Person and we are positive the Safety & Well-being of our associates come first.

For Grupo Bimbo, our Associates’ Well-being focuses on all those initiatives that seek to impact their quality of life. We strive to make the world a better place with everything we do, so we can be a positive force.​​.

Our Well-being programs aim at all our associates, in all our work centers, all our organizations, affiliates and subsidiaries, their different geographies, functions and business areas.

We acknowledge people live in community; therefore, the social aspect is key to improve their health and quality of life. We seek to include our associates’ families into our well-being programs or initiatives as much as possible.

Currently, several of our programs include the family. Among them, high-impact initiatives such as telemedicine programs, or free medical, psychological and/or nutritional assistance for our associates and their families, access to health benefits such as medical insurance, vaccination campaigns, medical exams, sport events (including our Global Race), and health events such as health talks, workshops and fairs. These actions are reported and monitored on an ongoing basis, and we strive to add more each year.

These initiatives have greatly helped us improve our associates’ quality of life. As they become aware their family’s health improved, and they feel our support in these areas, they become confident and secure, thus we strengthen our purpose of Nourishing a better world

We offer mental health support or consultation services to global associates1

  1. In most of the countries where we operate, we have emotional support lines, which include psychological care, among other topics.

We are committed to improve the quality of life of our associates, seize and maximize the environmental benefits and promote diverse and inclusive workplaces, among other benefits, that flexible work schemes may offer. This is why each country in which we have presence, depending on environment, legislation and culture, may offer flexibility to adjust to what applies and is required.

We support flexible work arrangements where we believe they will supportGrupo Bimbo's business objectives, increase our associate retention levels, reduce absenteeism, attract new talent, promote work-life balance and reducestress. However, we promote Face-to-face schemes for training, ideation, collaboration and socialization because – We are a community -

We conduct an associate engagement survey for all associates and the results were assessed by gender

The engagement survey address diversity and inclusion (D&I)

We have associates resource groups for women and other underrepresented groups1

We offer all associates unconscious bias training to raise self- awareness of implicit bias and provide tools  to reduce discriminatory behaviors

  1. Mexico, Brazil and USA

Grupo Bimbo aspires to reflect the demographic diversity of the communities where we live and serve through a culture of inclusion.We strive to increase the representation of women across all our business units and positions by accelerating the pace of their integration into the Company, reducing attrition, preparing them for leadership roles, and providing safe work environments with a human rights perspective, free of harassment and discrimination.

Over 80,000 associates (85% of our workforce) were informed of the organization’s policies and procedures

The compliance process includes awareness about our GB’s global general policies, including:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Global Policy
  • Global Policy on the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination
  • Global Human Rights Policy
  • Grupo Bimbo Code of Ethics
  • Grupo Bimbo Global Integrity Policy
  • Among others…

In other countries we have local additional training for all levels, by videos, webinars and sessions, for the local protocol on prevention of harassment and discrimination, as well as unconscious bias.


associates completed company provided diversity, equity, inclusion & unconscious bias training 1

  1. to the end of 2022

Senior managers have clear diversity and inclusion goals as a part of their annual performance reviews

For US and UK

We offer gender inclusive parental leave policies

We provide gender inclusive restrooms

We have associate resource groups for underrepresented racial or ethnic groups

We have associates resource groups for associates who self- identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ+)

Through our volunteering and social investment programs we support some non-profit organizations that promote education and productive programs for women access to a productive and better quality of life, such as Pro-Mexico Indígena. Pro-Mixteca, LeonXIII, Casa de la Amistad, Reforestamos México, Nutre a un Niño, and APAC.

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