equal pay

& gender pay parity

We publicly disclose a quantitative compensation review by gender

Global Compensation Team designed the following methodology to obtain an objective and transparent indicator, to ensure equal compensation among associates in the most representative operations of Grupo Bimbo.

As a summary, women’s compensation in the sample used is -4.1% lower than men’s; among the main factors that contribute to this outcome are the proportion of women and men within the Company, and the seniority of both population segments. As a general reference, men have 4 more years of seniority than women do on average.

The results are shown as follows:
+ Positive percentage: women earn more than men.
- Negative percentage: women earn less than men.









Latin Centro

Latin Sur

Bimbo Canada

Bimbo Mexico


Bimbo Brazil

Bimbo Bakeries USA

Gender pay gap (%) Internal Methodology








Note: this indicator only considers non-operative full-time associates with a long-term contract, who are neither regional nor International Assignees.
Salary information is as of December, 2021.

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Additionally, as part of our inclusive culture, our Company provides:

12 weeks

minimum of fully paid primary parental leave*

1 day

At least, of fully paid secondary parental leave*

Regarding adoption support, the majority of our workforce receives adoption assistance through the company and/or goverment

  1. India, Romanía, Thailand and Venezuela not included.
  2. This indicator only considers non-operative full-time associates with along-term contract, who are neither regional nor international Asignees.

When it comes to bereavement, our company provides fully paid time off

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